© Illinois Valley Praise Center 2012 Made with MAGIX Complete Salvation Series by Pastor Douglas Wilson Missionary Nikolai Poliakov The Power of Blessing The New Covenant The Spirit of the New Covenant Better Promises Living in the New Covenant Intro. Book of Romans The Blood of the New Covenant Works vs. Faith The Promise in the New Covenant Having been Justified Complete Salvation Sanctification Old Man vs New Man The Inability of the Old Man Grace Reigns Another Look at Grace Do you not know? The Body of Sin Reckoning The Cross of Christ The Cross is Life Whom the Lord Loves Married To Another Missionary Bob Strobel The Truth is Marching On Flesh vs Spirit Bearing Fruit The Purpose of the Law The Body of Sin No Condemnation Who we are in Christ To Live and Walk in the Spirit Do You Know Him Elizabeth Rooney Testimony from Mozambique