© Illinois Valley Praise Center 2012 Made with MAGIX Jesus Christ is the only Head of Church and has the pre-eminence in all things pertaining to His Church which is His Body.  We have Elders who are called of God and recongnized and set in office by the existing Elders. The Elders seek the Holy Spirit in prayer concerning the matters of the Church. They work on the principle of unanimity. There must be complete agreement before a major decision is made. We believe the Holy Spirit still speaks and guides the Church in this way.  We are a New Covenant Church. Not governed by the Old Testament law but led by the Holy Spirit.  We believe that God sets members in the Body as it pleases Him. Therefore, all ministries are based on a call and appointment to it. We discourage any and all self-ambition. All ministry should be “as to the Lord”. We look for humility and a desire to serve in acknowledging ministry.  We do not have a formal membership. All those who are members of His Body are our brothers and sisters and are accepted into full fellowship. We recongnize and fellowship with all those who call upon the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ in Sincerity and Truth.